Ultra Championships

2017 Qualification Process

  • Complete 3 races to qualify
  • One has to be a 50 miler. There are two options on the list, or it is possible to submit a wildcard 50m or over to Dave from Monday 6th November – Saturday 11th November inclusive. No submissions outside this period will be permitted. The info you need to submit will be the times of the first 3 finishers and your time. Reminders will come out later in the year
  • It is possible to do more than one 50 miler using the Champs list and a wildcard but to qualify you must have at least one
  • Please notify Dave after each race you complete, as ultra results often don’t list clubs
  • Results will be scored in the same way as the Road, Fell & Trail champs, i.e. performance-based, not age-weighted

LATEST UPDATE: Bradwell results now posted

1. 11 Mar Haworth Hobble – 32m (S)
DetailsResultsPointsUltra Table

2. 1 Apr Calderdale Hike – 37m (S)
DetailsResultsPointsUltra Table

3. 21 May Meridian Road Race – 50k (S)
DetailsResultsPointsUltra Table

4. 03 Jun Calderdale Way Ultra – 50.5m (L)
DetailsResultsPointsUltra Table

5. 12 Aug Long Tour of Bradwell – 33m (S)
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6. 07 Oct Lakes in a Day – 50m (L)
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7. 04 Nov White Rose Ultra 30 – 30m (S)
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