Ann’s Bronte

Bronte Way Fell Race, 29 Oct
Report by Darren Graham

Annie Roberts continued her amazing form and family winning weekend spree (Sue Roberts won first female Vet prize with Mandy Goth in the Long score event at the OMM) by being the first lady to cross the finishing line at the Bronte Way on Sunday. a 12k linear race from Wycoller to Haworth with 351mtrs of ascent. It was a great turn out on a glorious autumn day for Toddies. Andrew Worster was the 1st Toddy male back. Photo of Annie Roberts courtesy of Woodentops. Full Toddy results are below……

•Andrew Worster – 54.55
•Annie Roberts – 1.03.10
•Martin Roberts – 1.15.20
•Mark Whittaker – 1.19.44
•Richard Leonard – 1.27.15
•Liz Hainsworth – 1.28.55
•Kim Ashworth – 1.29.13
•Jane Leonard 1.32.40
•Louise Abdy – 1.38.15
•Chris Preston – 1.38.30

Matt FlanaganAnn’s Bronte