The Top Brink Inn, Todmorden

Every Wednesday evening

Address: Brink Top, Todmorden OL14 6JB

For this month’s Packrun we will be running from The Top Brink in Todmorden.

All groups start at our regular time of 7pm.

Please park in the top car park where possible, the lower car park nearest the pub is reserved for regular customers

All groups launch at 7pm

Everyone is welcomed for great beer and food in the pub afterwards.
The pub will be serving a different, homemade runners special each week, with a vegan* or meat option.
No need to pre-order but the landlord needs to know numbers so a show of hands is required at the start.

All runs will be off-road so FRA kit is recommended (windproof/waterproof as a minimum)
Group leaders are advised to carry a first aid kit (kits are available from the boot of the chairman’s car)
It’s still a sensitive time for our moorland ground nesting birds. Please Remember to keep your dogs on leads!

*always best to check ingredients before ordering!

People gather at the “pub of the month” in time for a 7.00pm start (6.45 in April and September). There are usually 3 or 4 groups of varying abilities and all will do a variation of the same basic route – which will be decided on the night according to weather etc. The faster groups go faster and thus run further.
No! You don’t have to be a member to come along and run with us. In fact, pack runs are an ideal way to get to know us and find out whether Tod Harriers is the club for you.
Appropriate running kit and shoes for the weather and terrain. If on the fells bring a waterproof taped-seam cagoule with a hood and overtrousers, hat, gloves, whistle and a mobile in a bumbag or rucsac in addition to what you set off in. If it is dark bring a  head torch or hand torch and something reflective or hi-viz. A change of clothing for afterwards….oh – and money for food and liquid refreshment if desired.

We don’t set out to cover a certain distance – the aim is to stay out for 60-90mins. Daylight pack runs tend to last longer than dark, winter pack runs because it is less cold and more fun. If you are worried about not keeping up start out with a slow group and move up a level next week if it was too slow. During a pack run the faster runners in a group will stop at regular intervals to allow everyone to catch up. Don’t worry – you won’t be “dropped” and left on your own.
Most people turn up ready to run. The pub won’t mind you using their toilets to get changed in before or after the run. And there’s the car. Some people don’t bother and just get on with it in the car park!
We carefully choose pack run venues that provide affordable food – you’ve come straight from work and will be starving after the run. Quite often they will put on a “special” for us. If you are vegetarian we insist that the pub will provide for you. You don’t have to stay on after the run – eat at home to avoid the expense.
Of course you can – it’s a pub isn’t it! Just because you’re injured/unwell/resting/can’t be bothered doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the social scene!
Heather says:

“…it can feel a bit daunting on your own as there are so many people with often different faces every week, but everyone is so welcoming this wasn’t a problem.”

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