2021 Virtual Championship

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Virtual Champs Fixtures

Championship Info
Road = 5 short, 4 medium, 3 long
Fell = 5 short, 4 medium, 3 long
You need 6 races to qualify in each discipline, including at least 1 of each length (Under 23s and over 70s do not need to do a long but still need to complete 6 races to qualify).
On the GP side it is 8 races to qualify, with a minimum of 3 road and 3 fell.

December Short Road – The Wolstenholme Hot Toddy
RouteResultsRoad TableGP Road Table

December Medium Fell – Hoofstones
RouteResultsFell TableGP Fell TableDecember combined Road & Fell GP table

January Medium Road – The Border Dash
RouteResultsRoad TableGP Road Table

January Short Fell – Wicken Hill Whizz
RouteResultsFell TableGP Fell TableJanuary combined Road & Fell GP table

February Long Road – The Royd Roller
RouteResultsRoad TableGP Road Table

February Short Fell – Bridestones
RouteResultsFell TableGP Fell TableFebruary combined Road & Fell GP table

March Short Road – The Climb
RouteResultsRoad TableGP Road Table

March Medium Fell – Turnslack
RouteResultsFell TableGP Fell TableMarch combined Road & Fell GP table

April Medium Road – Mytholm Steeps
RouteResultsRoad TableGP Road Table

April Long Fell – Heptonstall
RouteResultsFell TableGP Fell TableApril combined Road & Fell GP table

May Long Road – Hollingworth Half
RouteResultsRoad TableGP Road Table

May Medium Fell – Boulsworth Hill
RouteResultsFell TableGP Fell TableMay combined Road & Fell GP table

June Short Road – The Drop
RouteResultsRoad TableGP Road Table

June Medium Fell – Noonstone
RouteResultsFell TableGP Fell TableJune combined Road & Fell GP table



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