Blackpool Illuminations-in the daytime!

From: Heather Rostron
We stayed in Bispham over half-term, and were booked into a hotel for 4 nights. We were legal but I still felt guilty and apprehensive!
One morning I managed to get the whole family (even my husband!) out for a bracing coast run, past the tower and beyond. Once we were out, no one moaned or complained, but just jogged along.
My 9 year old looked amazing (l am biased of course) and my 5 year old chatted away the whole time.
I was very proud of them all, and am trying to find ingenious ways of encouraging my husband especially to run more!
We ran 5 miles, jogging past the illuminations in the daytime. Job done!

Matt FlanaganBlackpool Illuminations-in the daytime!