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Clean Sweep for Tod – Settle 10M Road Race

This weekend saw the latest race in the club Grand Prix, The Settle 10 miler hosted by ‘It’s Grim Up North’ event organisers, described as “Grimmer than Grim”, that was definitely not the case for the 9 Toddies that took part.

The race was part of a multi event race including a half marathon and a 10K all run on the same course along the quiet back road running from Giggleswick up towards Austwick. It was an out and back race starting from Settle swimming pool with a turn round for the 10 milers just past the hamlet of Wharfe. The course was hilly with a long steady climb for the first 3 miles followed by a descent to the turn round and a return back the same way.

Robin Tuddenham and Mark Tempest paced each other for the first half, but at the turn around point Robin slowly but surely pulled away up the hill to claim first place.  Mark saw Pete Rolls not far behind at the turn and knew he would have to maintain the pace to ensure his 2nd place, which he did with Pete crossing the line in 3rd.

Todmorden also secured 4th and 5th by Sam Lund and Mark Anderton.  And all 9 Toddies finished in the top half of the placings.

A successful “Not So Grim” day, all the trophies, 9 very impressive medals, bacon butties, cakes and beer! Plus some very high Road and GP table results.

There were 52 finishers. Full results as follows:

1st Robin Tuddenham – 1:05:17

2nd Mark Tempest – 1:06:23

3rd Pete Rolls – 1:07:52

4th Sam Lund – 1:13:11

5th Mark Anderton – 1:14:01

12th Ian Maclachlan – 1:23:09

14th Bob Halstead – 1:26:17

18th Simon Anderton 1:31:02

23rd Katy May 1:37:17

by Mark Tempest and Robert Halstead

Helen TippingClean Sweep for Tod – Settle 10M Road Race