East Lancashire Hospice 10K Trail – What Shoes To Wear?

The second race of the Todmorden Harriers 2023 Grand Prix was the East Lancashire Hospice 10K Trail, where 18 Toddies took part, helping to raise money for a worthy cause as well as earning GP points.  The rain stopped and the sun came out before the start, but there were plenty of unavoidable puddles and mud left to enjoy! 

The debate from Wednesday’s pack run continued, what shoes to wear road or trail? As Toddies gathered at registration, same question, what shoes are you wearing? In the end a mixture and both probably OK.

First Toddy over the finish line was Mark Tempest, in 16th place and 2nd M50.  Second was Mark Anderton as 1st M60, and third Chris Pickens who beat his 10K PB by over 2 minutes.

Joe McWilliams ran his first GP race and on the final bend overtook teammate and current GP champion Mel Blackhurst, crossing the line just 2 seconds ahead.  Consolation for Mel was first F55.

There was a further podium place for Hannah-Louise Mobbs finishing first F40.

Full Tod Results:

16 Mark Tempest 42:41 (2nd M50)

36 Mark Anderton 45:34 (1st M60)

42 Chris Pickens 46:19

45 Joe McWilliams 46:33

46 Mel Blackhurst 46:35 (1st F55)

55 Joe Mountain 47:51

68 Matthew Gray 49:06

75 Darren Gillman 50:17

84 Katie Samuelson 50:53

100 Paul Brannigan 52:02

103 Hannah-Louise Mobbs 52:17 (1st F40)

116 Melanie Cannon 53:29

123 Lisa Peatfield 53:58

171 James Richardson 58:34

194 Helen Tipping 60:06

198 Katy May 60:30

259 Paul Cruthers 69:07

284 David O’Neill 78:11

Helen TippingEast Lancashire Hospice 10K Trail – What Shoes To Wear?