One Goes Mad in Dorset and Accy 10K

Ron Hill Accy 10k – Tweed and May Shine

Runners at Sunday’s Ron Hill Accy 10K road race finished looking more like they’d completed one many fell races that take place around Accrington, than a short road race. The weather threw heavy rain and strong winds at the runners but the awful conditions didn’t prevent Todmorden Harriers putting in some strong performances in a race that features in the 2015 Grand Prix. Neither did it prevent the running legend that is Ron Hill, now aged 76, competing.

The course presents runners with a mix of road and trail. It starts with a quick loop around the town centre and then makes it way to Baxenden using local footpaths and canal tow paths, taking in around 400 feet of climb. A PB course this certainly isn’t.

Darren Tweed and Pauline May were first Todmorden runners back, separated by seconds. Tweed appears to be reaping the rewards from a change of workplace, enabling him to get more quality training in whilst May came in a very strong second female overall, only a minute behind the winner.

Other Todmorden finishers:

29 Darren Tweed 00:40:02
31 Pauline May 00:40:20
38 Michael Harper 00:40:52
37 Richard Butterwick 00:41:07
113 Paul Cruthers 00:47:14
127 Josh Murphy 00:47:43
142 Fiona Armer 00:48:37
165 Joseph Courtney 00:49:28
178 Richard Blakeley 00:50:36
264 Nicola Corrigan 00:55:51
306 *CHICKEN LITTLE* Corrigan 00:56:36
321 Louise Abdy 00:56:45
360 Nina Fedorski 01:00:27
387 Myra Wells 01:02:37
406 David O’Neill 01:04:01

Last weekend in Dorset, Todmorden runner and now-ultra specialist, Robin Tuddenham completed the Jurassic Challenge. In perfect conditions, Tuddenham managed to run three marathons in three consecutive days along the seriously undulating coastal paths. With a cumulative time over the three days of just over 11 hours, this challenge is quite an achievement.

Paul BranniganOne Goes Mad in Dorset and Accy 10K