Shepherds Skyline

Shepherd’s Skyline Fell Race, 5 Nov 2016
Race Report by Andy Mcfie

On November 6th, with over 280 runners, the Annual Shepherds Skyline had its best turnout for 5 years. Race day saw bright sunshine with cold wind, perfect autumnal conditions.

The runners were started by 8 years old local fell junior Sam Annison, then Thomas Corrigan of Barlick raced off to lead from Fell Legend Ian Holmes. Both runners played a game of cat and mouse before the younger Corrigan pulled away to win by only 10 seconds over the 6 mile course.

Barlick enjoyed a double win with Sarah Tipler winning the women’s race from Deborah Gowans of Accrington. With over 50 runners, local clubs Tod Harriers and Calder Valley had come out in force to support the race. First and second local runners home were Jon Wright and Ivan Gee of Tod Harriers who ran superbly to finish 7th and 11th respectively.

Local ladies Jo Buckley and Anne Johnson of Calder Valley ran neck and neck to the finish for 4th and 5th respectively.

The organisers would like to thank the Shepherds Rest and Langfield Commoners for their continued support for the race.


7 JON WRIGHT 47.26; 11 IVAN GEE 48.17; 32 ROBERT TYSON 51.33; 55 DUNCAN CANNON 55.11; 69 JOSH MURPHY 56.37; 82 REBECCA PATRICK 58.14; 87 TOM BARKER 58.57; 91 ROGER HAWORTH 59.36; 114 ROBERT HALSTEAD 61.21; 122 SIMON GALLOWAY 62.03; 131 EMMA FIEDLER 63.08; 141 IAN MCLACHLAN 64.11; 186 JOHN BARKER 69.59; 208 FIONA ARMER 74.03; 254 PETER EHRHARDT 83.39; 273 GEMMA LORD 89.50; 279 RUSSELL KING 99.04.

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