Splash, Snow, Here We Go!

Stanbury Splash Race report
Deep snow on the ground? Minus readings on the thermometer? A bracing wind whipping fresh flakes in your face? Ideal conditions for the large contingent of Todmordern Harriers taking part in the annual Soreen Stanbury Splash race, organised by Dave and Eilleen Woodhead. The event celebrated its 32nd birthday on Sunday 18th January 2015.The 7 mile race is affectionately known as the Soreen Malt Loaf Run to runners young and old who just love the fruity taste of a Malt Loaf. Over the years the junior and senior races have introduced thousands of runners to the joys of fell running and seen superstars like Triathlon Olympians Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee; National and GB Internationals Ian Holmes, Robert Jebb, Tom Adams, Colin Donnelly, Jack Maitland, Mary Wilkinson, and Jo Buckley; and former World Champions Victoria Wilkinson and Carol Greenwood, make their mark in sport.
The conditions meant that this year’s race followed the shorter (5 mile) Stoop race route, rather than the usual 7 mile route. Runners were treated to stunning views across the moorlands, with the front runners breaking virgin snow as they made their way from Penistone Hill across to the Stoop itself. Snow on top of partially frozen boggy sections led to lots of mud for those running towards the middle and rear of the pack.

This was the first event in the Todmorden Harriers Grand Prix, encouraging an impressive turnout of 21 senior runners from the Club. Dave Garner was the first over the line for Todmorden in an impressive 40.51, finishing in 37th place. First lady for Todmorden was Lucy Burnett. She finished 7th lady in 103rd position in a time of 45.02.

Full results for Todmorden
Dave Garner V40 37th in 40.51
Paul Brannigan V50 39th in 41.12
Ben Crowther V40 51st in 42.11
Michael Harper V40 100th in 44.59
Steve James V40 102nd in 45.02
Lucy Burnett 7th lady overall 103rd 45.04
Simon Galloway V50 111th 45.27
Stuart Wolstenholme V40 114th 45.34
Matthew Annison 119th 45.46
Bev Becklath 128th 46.25
Andy Glyde V40 148th 47.28
Kath Brierley LV50 162nd 48.50
Joe Daniels V40 170th 49.23
Derek Donohue V50 190th 50.32
Paula Haworth LV40 243rd 53.37
Chris Preston LV50 257th 55.31
Helen Wilson LV50 265th 56.08
David Wilson V50 279th 57.20
Peter Ehrhadt V60 288th 59.56
Nina Fedorski LV50 306th 64.41
David O’Neill V50 309th 66.58

Paul BranniganSplash, Snow, Here We Go!