Tod Ladies Rock at Orchan

Report by Darren Graham

A massive Todmorden Harriers presence at the Orchan Rocks Fell race last Tuesday ensured a record number of entrants at this great, local race. In its 3rd year, this race is going from strength to strength, not only in attendance but also in being listed in Grand Prix races for both Tod Harriers and Calder Valley.
Although the weather was wintery during the day, 37 Tod Harriers battled the dazzling, bright sunshine during the race, especially on the long descent at the end.
The record time was broken by Calder Valley’s Tim Ellis, but Tods own Andrew Worster pushed all the way to finish 5th with a time of 23.58. Pauline May was first Tod lady home with a time of 28:58. Lucy Burnett claimed the 1st Female Vet 40 prize with a time of 30.25 and evergreen Richard Blakeley claimed the 1st Vet 70 with a time of 34.17. Todmorden also took away the Womens Team prize with Pauline May, Lucy Burnett and Rebecca Patrick making up the winning team.
Great to see former Toddie and Webmaster Parky out there too.

Andrew Worster M 23.58
Ivan Gee MV40 25.13
Chris Goddard M 25.30
Darren Graham MV40 26.07
Darren Tweed M 26.12
Matt Flanaghan MV40 26.31
Robert Gray MV40 26.43
Robin Tuddenham MV40 27.32
Ben Holmes M 27.56
Richard Butterwick MV40 28.45
Michael Harper MV40 28.54
Pauline May F 28.58
Tom Barker M 29.07
Stuart Wolstenholme MV40 29.37
Martin Roberts MV50 30.19
Lucy Burnett FV40 30.25 1st FV40
Rebecca Patrick FV40 30.29
Duncan Ritchie MV40 30.37
Phil Hodgson MV60 30.41
Derek Donohoe MV50 32.13
Guy Whitmore MV40 32.24
Ian Maclachlan MV40 32.26
Neil Hodgkinson MV40 32.32
Paul Cruthers MV50 33.13
Jane Leonard FV50 33.41
Richard Blakeley MV70 34.17 1st V70
Kim Ashworth F 35.04
Richard Leonard MV50 35.34
Kevin Coughlan MV50 36.23
Louise Stunell FV40 37.18
Hannah Godden F 38.28
Sue Roberts FV50 39.29
Stephen Corrigan MV50 39.48
Peter Ehrhardt MV70 41.19
Gemma Lord FV40 42.51
Dave O’Neill MV50 44.10
Reg Czudek MV60 44.19

Paul BranniganTod Ladies Rock at Orchan