Tour De France – Toddies photos

Tour De France Stage 2 Hebden Bridge Sun 6th July 2014

It’s not so often you get the chance to walk/cycle on closed roads – hence the totally original idea of doing an “Abbey Road” pic on Market Street. Fun!

Here’s a few pics taken halfway up Cragg Road waiting for the peleton to arrive. There were other groups of Toddies higher up and lower down the hill – all enjoying the sunshine and the fantastic party atmosphere along with thousands of people. What a wonderful day! Check out the bunting – a new world record of 12,115 m 83 cm (39,750 ft 1 in) with around 60,000 individually crafted pennants. It stretched from Mytholmroyd to the top of Cragg Vale with so much to spare it was hung double for much of the hill – see Guinness World Records website.

And here’s the photo used by the Hebden Bridge website to document the arrival of the Tour – spot Phil’s banner (you can hardly miss it) on the side of Trevor’s rooftop retreat – priceless!


Matt FlanaganTour De France – Toddies photos