Wadsworth Trog

This weekend it was that time of year again when the hardiest souls compete in one of the valley’s toughest races. 

“The Beast” is a true monster of a race at close to 20 miles and taking in over 3000ft of ascent. The start of February guarantees too that you have no idea what the weather will be doing, whether it is wading through snow, swimming in bogs or sliding round on ice. Fortunately this year could merely be described as “wet underfoot”. 

Ben Blosse was once again Top Toddy finishing in 7th place, impressively beating Ian Symmington by over 2 minutes who rounded out the top 10. Chris Kay in 37th and Andy McFie in 56th were both comfortably in the top half of the field and Kate Mansell in 77th just missed out with there being 146 entrants. Overall a top day for Tod! 

by Joe Mountain

Helen TippingWadsworth Trog